Thursday, February 27, 2020

Words, music, travel, and vampires

I follow writer/librarian Kristen Arnett on twitter and she's a lovely ball of Florida / lesbian / 7 Eleven / book energy. She recently asked for poems to read and I found two in the thread that really hit me. One by Ross Gay: A Small Needful Fact . An interview with Gay was featured as the opening piece in the recent This American Life - Show of Delights which I loved from start to finish. I am not sure why Bim Adewunmi is not a household name already. Her wit, speaking voice and the Thirst Aid Kit podcast - don't miss her. Back to poetry, Maggie Smith: Threshold - I, like all cats want to be half in the door and half out. (Btw Maggie Smith is not Stevie Smith as I had initially assumed, whoops.) 

I don't remember ever hearing about Teddy Powell and his Orchestra. The music has been lifting my outlook this morning. Per the wikip article the band played from 1938 through the 40s.

I thought I'd skim this Kottke piece on his travel to Vietnam, Singapore and Qatar but got sucked in and read the whole thing at once. Solo travel to far flung locations doesn't interest me but I really enjoyed the vicarious exploration. A street food tour sounds like a good introduction to a city but I think I would find it overwhelming. I like to have more control over what I eat and when. I don't want to eat myself sick, or eat when I'm not hungry or...

The What We Do In the Shadows series has snuck up on me and I am totally hooked as of the end of the first season. The second one starts in April which is only a smidge over a month away so my timing is not terrible. It's deadpan with a bit of a slow warm up over the episodes although each one made me laugh at something. Core cast is great - four housemate vamps (Matt Berry, Natasia Demetriou, Kayvan Novak and Mark Proksch)  and a human familiar (Harvey Guillen). The vampires are gorgeously pompous, vain and a bit out of step. The season ending cliffhanger is spicy. 

Wednesday, February 19, 2020


Last day of antibiotics for sinus infection. This was as sick as I've been for a long time. So glad to feel more energy coming back.

I've had a low backache for the time I've been taking the pills. I checked but it isn't listed as a side effect. I fear that planks and pushups are what is needed. I did some yesterday and hope to get walking (maybe even more) soon.

We freeze and thaw in turns. That's how February usually goes here. Last weekend it got into the 50s and felt amazing.

I wonder how I'm going to watch the 6th season of Schitt's Creek. I've finished the five on our free channel. I noticed that for the last season they didn't bleep the f word which still makes me laugh because I'm 10. The set of engagement rings also crack me up.

I've started the women in Afghanistan book. It's going to take an effort to get through but I'm glad that it's written in a cool tone. At least she's not trying to twist the knife. As a balance (? contrast, at least) I'm also reading The Impeachers about the trial of Andrew Johnson the VP of Lincoln who became president after the assassination. I keep thinking - Andrew Jackson? - and have to remind myself it's this other guy who I do not remember at all. Both books are written by women which pleases me.

A friend is doing a Nerd Nite presentation on Braille tonight and I think I'm going to allow myself to be hauled out to be in the audience. She is a teacher who does exciting things like create tactile materials for advanced math classes for her blind students. 

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Falling and rising

Back to work after missing five days. I thought I had a cold but it was instead a nasty virus that turned into sinus infection. So glad to be out of the house and upright. But I can tell it will be a challenge to do all 8 hours.

Currently there is wet snow falling. It is beautiful and my timing coming back to work kinda sucks. Fast falling large snowflakes are filling the air. The movement so far is straight down. The wind is supposed to shift during the day. It may turn to rain but then back to snow overnight and up to 30 mph gusts. Single digit temperatures next couple of nights. Ah pre-spring. We'll need to leave the faucet dripping.

Saw my dad at a distance in a dream last week. It was a neutral helpful appearance and it felt good to see him. I forgot that codeine ramps up the dreams - I've had some odd ones since then.

I've also taken large doses of Schitt's Creek over the last week to help me heal. I'm on the last season now. There is a particular kiss that I may go back and watch several more times. 💓💗💖💘💜 The actress who plays Stevie reminds me of a friend of mine.

I've lit several candles thinking good thoughts to the Danish and her upcoming possibilities. Last night I was saying intentions about my health, family members' well being, the Danish, travelers on the road. The match head popped off when I tried to strike it. I figured that was a lot to put on one little match. The next one lit right up.