Thursday, July 29, 2021


So far it's been a three feather day. I didn't pick any of them up, just admired them on the ground. I walk/jogged this morning first thing. 

Got a blood draw and cholesterol test for health insurance discount this morning. Even though I fasted, #s are not good. I am so sad and feeling decrepit about it. I know they're just numbers and it's more important that I survived stupid quarantine times so far. And still - my body is working less well and here's the proof. 

Youngest went to the county fair last night. It was hot and her friend convinced her to go by saying they could go look at all the quilts in the air conditioned hall. I have fond memories of looking at the table setting competition, the entomology displays and the woodworking. 

I'm wearing a mask now in the office. Which makes it less fun. Ah well. Quarreled with Nod last night about having a friend over. He's saying he can't go back to not seeing friends and I am ready to close up shop and withdraw. I am feeling so small right now. Maybe it'll be nice to see her.   


4 feathers!

I wept and felt poorly about my physical architecture for a while. I felt more philosophical by the end of the day. In general I am very pleased with myself and it was upsetting to have that fall away for a while. 

Talked through my feelings about our current risk assessment with Nod and youngest yesterday after work. I'm thinking about the risk of transmitting Delta and our status as vaxed ppl with vaxxed friends. We are not spending time with anyone with kids under 12. We're all connected, of course, and every errand and conversation with another human increases risk. 

We ended up having two friends over last night, one masked, and played Catan indoors where the air conditioning lives. It was really fun. May the Infinite have mercy on our souls. 


Monday, July 19, 2021

Summer is a thing

  With feathers on? a-rollin' on? I had a moment last week when I realized that summer was moving and not going to be here much longer. Then I went skinny dipping and that was an effective response.

  Finished Three Women and found it interesting but not as insightful as I expected. Also, as JL pointed out - why nobody who had actual agency and contentment in their sexuality? They exist. I'm glad it meant something to K but I would not recommend. Onward with Just Mercy which started strong. The Danish highly recommends the movie. After JM I get to transition to some lighter summer reading. I think I need to get ahold of some McQuiston. Just checked the library and all versions of Red, White and Royal Blue are on hold for many people. Might have to buy that one.    

  This is week three of being in the office. Working on campus is good in many ways:

  • I'm out of the house.
  • I take more steps every day. 
  • I see people in person.
  • I see more sunlight, plants and animals.

  I will miss being able to take care of some dumb housework things during my workday. I know that the few coworkers who are in the office with me are vaccinated. But I wonder if we will have a Covid surge on campus after the start of the semester and have to go back to working from home. 

  I am appalled at the illness and deaths of unvaxed folks, particularly here, near the rube center of the country. I was telling Nod that I'm thinking that the U.S. has made healthcare a consumer good. To such a degree that many people maybe don't think of doctors/hospitals as providing expertise and care but rather as sellers. And why wouldn't you be instinctively skeptical about what they sell? Not sure this explains everything but it could be a piece. Will U.S. healthcare be improved in my lifetime? I can imagine so but I can also imagine it getting worse.   

  L had friends over for a fire and cookout last night. We went to bed before they were done carousing but they were quiet and considerate. Nod observed that her gang are quirky nerds and we love them.  

Thursday, July 8, 2021

In the flesh

The first week of being back in the office is underway. I'm still excited to see people. I'm glad to be at my desk which is a better height than my home desk. Paying for parking at work makes me feel like such a sucker. I paid for the academic year starting in August but I can't make myself do it for the rest of July. Next Monday through the 30th I'll be parking on the street like a student/peasant. Should be okay if campus stays as sleepy as it is right now.

I sewed 'back to campus' badges for my friends but I haven't given any out yet. The computer center is lightly attended this week. Our team lead left cookies for us and my daughter baked lemon cake so I've had a lot of sweets this week. I'm working on adding some vegetables to the mix. I broiled eggplants last night and made baba ghanoush. It remains one of my favorite things. 

I have spent time getting worked up about Delta. Then I remember that I'm vaccinated and that the vaccines are doing good work and I relax again. 

I have plane tickets and a plan to see my old friends in October. Glee! We're planning a salon/talent show and I've been having fun thinking about this. I may need props. 

I hope the entire west coast isn't on fire at that time. I think every news story from here on out should include reference to the climate emergency. Ignoring it is lying by omission. 

I'm reading two non fiction books at once which feels a little dry despite the good topics and decent writing. I may try reading alternate chapters in each in order to keep my momentum going. They interest me in different ways. Just Mercy by Bryan Stevenson about death row advocacy work and the racism baked into the US justice system. Three Women by Taddeo which is about how three individuals feel about their sex lives and agency in general.