Friday, October 29, 2021

Change in the weather


Lots of beautiful leaf color and new autumn-y conditions are prevailing. Highs in the 40s to start next week. And we just got through with a couple of days of gray chill and cold rain. As it clears out today it's sunny with gusts of wind. I just noticed that the orange flowers that were in our wildflower planter last Saturday are gone. I wonder if some nasty child picked them or if nature has taken her course. 

Opt Out 

I'm not feeling Hweeny this year. I haven't carved a pumpkin or bought any candy. I think I'll turn the porch lights out and skip trick or treating. Maybe we'll go see Dune.  

Kid Plans 

Haven't heard from Laserbeam yet if she will be home for t'giving. Sunbeam is busy all of a sudden. After volunteering for the latest outdoor show, she was hired to do sound tech for the city arts center. That took some effort and lots of time - she applied in August and has been keeping in communication with them since. She's also doing sound for a high school theatre production with November performance dates. Her calendar is suddenly full which I think is probably a good thing. (The h.s. show is All Shook Up, a musical build around Elvis songs, and you could not pay me to attend.) She did sound for her first arts center event last night - benefit auction for the Humane Society with a real auctioneer. 


Sunbeam has also decided she wants to apply for college. The common app deadline is Halloween so it'll be an interesting weekend. Maybe it's best not to spend too much time worrying over the essay, just bang one out. Several of her choices have 11/15 deadlines which gives a touch more breathing room. I'm not sure a 4 year liberal arts college is the right thing (executive function challenges, dislike of writing) but seeing what's out there is good. I think the process will have good results no matter what the outcome.     


I haven't thought of this song in a dog's age. The catchiest tune about seasonable depression ever. Her alto still gets to me, I love it. 

Tuesday, October 19, 2021

There and Back Again

The Big Hug

The big gathering of the Zoom friends has occurred. We feasted, toasted, danced, lolled, hiked, and were awed together. It was amazing that it happened. Our host made sure everyone was comfy. I got to see a part of the country I've never been to before (central Oregon and Washington, Crater Lake, Columbia Gorge, Portland). The weather was beautiful - no smoke, how is that possible?! I'm so freaking grateful!


Thrifting in Yakima, I found a basket for my mom's birthday and a little needlepoint turquoise pin/pendant to go in it! Here's a good image of a similar Norwegian sending basket. I am still looking for some history on this form. I haven't tried translating the painting on the rim yet. 


Perhaps you'd like some reading or a resource to share on nonbinary gender identities. This British person has you covered: What Does That Mean - A Guide to Nonbinary Identities by Fay Roberts. I consider myself supportive to the gender noncomforming among us and I found it a useful read. It's helpful to review since much of this stuff is new and takes practice. 

Morning Inspiration

This is a fun read about the author's sampling of various self-help morning routine recommendations. I love that she found something she can take away. And we're all relieved that it's not the early morning cider vinegar dose. More of EB in the Grauniad.  

Close and Far

Presbyopia is the stiffening of the lens in the eye during middle age. Focusing gets harder and the eye is stuck usually in far vision. It's why most of us eventually need reading glasses. More here. I've just received some wp glasses in the mail and it is such a relief to have a new pair that aren't held together with wire. Now I have: dedicated close glasses which I keep at work, dedicated far glasses for most of daily life, the wonky wired pair which are progressive, and two pairs of prescription sunglasses. In the future I look forward to getting some infinity distance glasses for landscape and star viewing. Some day I'll have a glasses cabinet.