Monday, February 20, 2023


The packing will continue until...?

I have moved past the initial excitement, the first wave of despair, the second wave of energy and occasional heart clutches of anxiety. Currently bummed out that it's hard to work full time, and make enough packing progress to really make the place look different. 

Valentine's day has come and gone and we are not ready to show. I think the original end of the month deadline is possible. I can make a lot of lists but can't always summon the will to do all the tasks. I also had a dental cleaning and a crown in the past week plus the already mentioned full time job so there is going to be some give and take. 

I called and asked the mover to take our upright piano to the dump next week. It makes me sad but I can't find someone to foist it on so here we are.

 [Updated to add that we have a week left and need more boxes and and and. I am going to keep failing at finishing packing until it's done. Also true: every day I succeed at getting more packed and ready to show the house]

Move nature out of our way

I wrote down K's description of the game happening in the shrubs across the street from the library in June 2009 when she was 7 and the other two were 5 or 6:

C protects us, L moves nature out of our way, and I guide us. So we all have a particular role.

I just threw away that soft old piece of paper. I hope texting it to my fam and posting here will let it live on.


Andor is making us feel tense and also impressed with the acting/design/writing. That's a honey of a cast. 

I have watched every single rotted rotten Trixie and Katya Unhhhh video. I look forward to their drag personas being taken up bodily into heaven. That way they can have some new chapters. Love them. I haven't gotten my THWOORP decal on my car yet, need to hurry up. 

Finished Devil in the White City. It's not deathless prose but I am impressed by the weaving of so many threads. The author brings us striking people from the flat written archives. I'd like to go see the Museum of Science and Industry and the exposition park with the Wooded Island. I just started The Splendid And The Vile but not in time for book group, boo.  

Toad trudges on. I was doing pretty well with it but dropped off and am having more trouble just past the mid point.