Tuesday, January 17, 2023

Shaft of light

After some job hunting resulted in a sudden request for 5 professional references (5! I'm still surprised) I asked my current manager whether he could be a reference. And as part of this conversation I finally asked whether my current position could be designated as remote so I could keep working after our move to ABQ. My manager immediately said he would try and went to talk to the next level boss. And damme, they did it. I will put this job in my pocket and take it with me. This is a wonderful outcome and what a relief to not have to be adapting to a new workplace while doing the move and its aftermath. 

In early December I ordered a sunlamp recommended by a Canadian from Saskatchewan because I figured they should know about such things. I received it promptly but it didn't light up consistently. There are 4 light tubes and sometimes only one would come on. I emailed the company and they replaced it with a unit that comes on every time, getting rid of all the anticipation. Nod and I have both gotten good out of it. Especially when the sky is gray in the morning we need a little extra. 

Now that I have a job in ABQ, (oh! I'm still feeling excited about this!) I've begun making lists. I haven't started packing yet but it will happen. I figure February will be the short month of packing up all our shit. 

There are many other moving parts connected to our two college students. Eldest needs a car for the summer at a Dallas internship. None of our current cars are eligible for that much driving. Youngest may or may not be taking a year off after this spring semester. And thus may or may not collect that car from her sister after the summer. Youngest is thinking of summering in lovely Lawrence by the sea to live with friends. As part of this she would complete an English requirement by attending a community college class with a friend. I'm all in favor of her couch surfing and getting that class done in her least favorite subject. Girl gets A's in chemistry and has trouble with writing an English essay. I'm proud but can't exactly relate. 

I feel like humans are close to advances in many areas. It makes a change from seeing all the destruction we've done. The usual business is strong over weak but sometimes we come up with variation and hopeful creation. 


Tuesday, January 3, 2023

More to Share, More to Come

Moving on, moving forward. Close those old cabinet doors and let's try something new. 

Such fun songs here: Sheroes Radio Best of 2022

More online radio stations recommended by the m'filter stalwarts. 

Lovely model smoking and observing the painter archly

A cornucopia of winter paintings shared by artists.   

An ice skating scene from a January 1820 calendar image. 

Snowflakes falling on umbrellas

A goddess of door hinges, I'm glad to make her acquaintance. "Cardea, whose name means “door pivot,” was the Roman goddess of door hinges and handles who prevented evil spirits from crossing thresholds. She was worshipped as the protector of children, particularly from vampires and witches. As a goddess of health, her emblem was the hawthorn tree, thought to have magical powers of protection. Cardea’s association with doors also links her to craftworkers as their benefactor. Celebrated in the month of June, she was a goddess of the changing seasons."

"St. Augustine mocks the apparent triviality of these 'little gods'...Forculus, from fores, doors...  Limentinus, threshold" and Cardea, door pivots. 

More soup recipes here. I want to eat this one: Chicken Soup with Ginger and Shiitake. Someone recommended adding scallions and daikon radish cubes.