Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Welcome Yule

Art by Swedish illustrator John Albert Bauer. That is one magnificent gift-bearing goat.

I hung some lights in our picture window last night. I tried scotch tape and they fell down. Then I tried packing tape and they fell down. Last night I put four nails in the top sill and hung loops of string then used wire ties to get the light strings strung. Festive perseverance is my name. I am happy to have lights up both because colored lights are pleasing and because peer pressure on our cul de sac. All the neighbors have decked their halls.

No tree at home. Everyone in the fam but me said they wanted one but then they didn't make a plan to go get one so here we are. My MIL has sent a photo of the one she bought so we'll get to bask in its glow in Austin. We're leaving on Sunday and that is perfectly fine. I'm sure we'll all be packed and wrapped and so on by then. Our dear music teacher pet whisperer is tending our livestock while we're gone. That makes me very happy.