Thursday, April 4, 2024

Spring fevering

I'm all a-tremble at the moment, through a combination of spring,  hormonal changes, sweet humans, the cold breath of Death on the back of my neck and my periodically sentimental temperament. I have memories to enjoy and some summer hijinks to look forward to. I could hardly be luckier. 

Today I've spent quite a lot of time singing along with these songs. Only the first two are new to me and the blog. 

Sam Phillips, Reflecting Light. I never did get on the Gilmore Girls train, this song was featured there. I like how she's still dancing with her faith in lyrics.  

Robbie Foulks, Let's Kill Saturday Night. Change of mood. Described as a perfect song and I see it.

Eleni Mandell, Moonglow Lamp Low. Back to sultry. Mmmmm. 

Lavern Baker, Tweedle Dee. 

Sara MacLaughlan, Wear Your Love Like Heaven (by Donovan). Like all of these songs, a prayer.

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