Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Away and Back Again

Time off
 Took two days off from work making for a 4 day weekend. It was not a vacation:

  • no travel
  • no meetup or hookup

but it was a vacation:

  • no thinking about doing any work related activities
  • actual refreshment happened. 
I remembered two dreams (imminent baby adoption; taking an essay test with the question "What is limited in fairy tales and how do those limitations function in the story?" to which I had like 4 examples in the dream that I wish I could remember). I took a nap one day. I did errandy and appointment things in the middle of the day. I cooked. 

Aw, fudge
Catherine Newman rules and so do her kids. Her Insta (I try to care about reading people there, but I don't) and almost defunct blog (nostalgic sighs). There's a penuche fudge recipe at the blog if you need one. 

Imposing order
My college fresher completed her online orientation and her job training week. She started classes this morning. Two days as a teller so far. I'm quite proud of her. It's a lot and I hope she can do it all. 
Our world news is upsetting these days. I filter vigorously to be able to keep a fairly even keel. I am in favor of the exposure of ghastly deeds rather than their cover up but I can't be a witness every day. Infinite bless the journalists and stubborn truth tellers. I want to be further into the future now but one day at a time is the only option I've been given. 


Zhoen said...

It's all the fortune telling that is getting to me. We don't, actually, know what is going to happen. Well, that and the catastrophizing.

Nimble said...

Yes, my interest in theoretical futures is limited to fiction. The human brain is set to get excited about certain types of stories and unfortunately catastrophes are shiny that way.