Thursday, April 14, 2022


Easter is designated in the Occidental Christian church as the Sunday after the first full moon after the vernal equinox (March 21). Calendaring is complicated when you are working with the Julian, Gregorian and lunar years. This wikip page is full of the details - Date of Easter

I like the awkward harnessing of our calendar with the lunar one - love for Luna. The moon is full in two days, and I have a reminder to watch it rise.  

I bought a chocolate bar for each of us in the house on behalf of the Easter Bunny. I sent a small box to K and it might get to her by the weekend. 

The daffodils in our yard are just past their peak. Here is their sweetness a week ago:


Redbuds are indeed budding and will be gorgeous on Sunday. The midwest flower parade continues to bring the beauty.

I thought about revising my resume and starting the job hunt. And felt a familiar sick dread in my gut. I told Nod that I was not accepting this as the objective truth. I am trying out the idea that perhaps this could be a neutral experience, rather than a shame and fear experience. Not sure my gut is going to buy it but when I say it out loud it sounds pretty okay: an adult person with a lot of work experience will update their resume. And then this adult person will send that resume to several employers in response to job openings. I guess it could happen.   




Dale said...

It could indeed happen :-)

It could even be a chance to meet some lovely people. Lovely people sometimes end up on the other side of that table, tasked with hiring, through no fault of their own. (At least, I know it may be so in Denmark.)

Nimble said...

Yes, lovely people continue to be around, despite the noisiness of the rest. If I'm able to get an interview I can sort of enjoy the process. I feel like I get to meet people and get a glimpse behind the curtain at offices and processes I would never see otherwise.