Friday, June 23, 2023

Ear candy

The doves and pigeons of ABQ are different from those in Kansas. The midwestern doves in our yard would coo, with a dispirited air and sometimes startle us with the clattering of their wings. But here there's a real guttural quality to the cooing. These birds are kinda metal.  

Loving the Armchair Expert podcast, recommended by my bestie, the Danish. Can particularly enthuse about the interviews with David Sedaris. In case you need some of this nonsense in your ears I have assembled links to all four appearances:

1. July 2018

2. October 2021

3. July 2022

4.  April 2023

Am trying to learn all the lyrics to Australia by the Shins. It's a lot of words. 

Smartless is apparently taking over the world. It's so big I'm not even going to link, it'll come up with any search. On a streaming channel, there is a one hour documentary episode showing the run up to one of their on-stage appearances that happened in DC during Covid times. I watched because I love those guys. But the melancholy music and slow paced editing and complete lack of footage from the actual performance has me confused. It's like a sweet sad farewell or something. <shrug> 


Adding: I just ordered a pair of analog earphones to go with the Yamaha keyboard a friend lent me. Looking forward to making some noise with it. 

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amenaneri said...

I'm so happy you're liking Armchair Expert--the Sedaris eps are the best! And I agree about that B&W docudrama about backstage on tour with the Smartless guys. It was somewhat interesting to see their real-life banter, but also kind of odd--and why B&W--were they trying to be artsy? Mostly, they're just not super interesting--they are funny, and clearly friends, and the teasing is fun, but....shrug?

-The Danish