Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Blinks to Books

First week of the semester is over. And by the end of the weekend I was even feeling less flattened by it. Crummy weather made everything a little harder. On we go through the last days of January, however many weeks they last.

Schitt's Creek on the rku channel is providing my latest batch of reliable small-bite tv enjoyment. The cringe factor is lightened as these characters are such comic exaggerations. Alexis - so annoying yet not unbearable. I would prefer zero Chris Elliott but can soldier on. Wish I had a David of my very own. Canadian goodness.

Speaking of which, a friend just told me about Killjoys space series and I need to give it a try. The library listing has comments complaining about too much sex and violence. I hope there's just enough.

That friend and I cooked up a wonderful part of my revival weekend. I confirm that this is not a passing phase, I like it a lot. I may need to do more of it.

Getting ready to plunge into the remote book club selection The Underground Girls of Kabul . We're meeting at the end of Feb. If I start reading the book now then I may forget too much by meeting. But I don't want to leave it too late.

I'm rubbing my hands at the thought of reading the latest Herron book Joe Country.

I've been listening to The Mountain Goats - In League with Dragons cd. I hoped all the songs would be D&D themed but am satisfied with Clemency for the Wizard King (lyrics) and am grooving with many of the others. Younger (lyrics) is ominous good.


Zhoen said...

The Underground Girls sounds fascinating, but hard. Not feeling up to reading it, but the story. Wow.

Zhoen said...

I've been looking up Schitt's Creek, what is available on the u-tyube. I'm convinced, want to watch this. Thank you.

Nimble said...

And yes I'm gathering my psychic resources before starting the book.