Tuesday, July 28, 2020


Hearing a siren go past. I noticed because it's been a while since I've heard one. Things are always quiet in our college town at this time of the year. Lay some pandemic on top of that and things are s l e e p y. It's the heat and humidity chapter of the summer and even though I want to go outside sometimes, I rarely want to stay outside.

I've been doing some planks and exercises and it's good to have a physical thing to do after leaving my desk every day. Wish I could add some jogging on that but I haven't figured it out yet. Maybe late next month.

I have some sinus pressure and have felt like my right ear was blocked for about three days now. It sometimes makes me feel a little dizzy. Then that fades and I feel fine, just congested. I can still breathe through my nostrils but the other head spaces are affected. I am hoping that some guanefesin will help. Neti pot is another option but I fear it. I don't have any other, more exciting, symptoms and no one else in the fam has it.

Old Guard was a fine video comic book if you don't mind the high body count. I'll always watch C Theron and didn't mind. The team's special power made the fight sequences quite different, that must have been fun to storyboard. Another cast member is Matthias Schoenarts who I just saw in something completely different on the nflx: A Little Chaos. I really enjoyd MS's performance and it is a calm and lovely confection. I have some quibbles but am v. glad I watched it. It must have been Rickman's last film before he died in 2016. imdb confirms that he had a few voice roles after but nothing else. And it stars Kate Winslet! Why hadn't I ever heard of this film?! Now I must watch the first film Rickman directed in '97: The Winter Guest starring Emma Thompson (💝) and her mother Phyllida Law.

Some work stuff is waiting for me and I'm going to go take another run at it. What a world. I'm glad my expertise is in demand. I will hope for a good outcome as we approach the fall semester. 


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Zhoen said...

Thanks for reminding me, I woke up with unhappy sinuses as well, and neti pot helped a bit.

I'm glad your skills are in demand, it's always a comfort.