Friday, January 22, 2021

Better now

It was hard to be online much the week before the inauguration. I was happy to be busy at work, to cut down my twitter reading. My employer university is having a few dozen classes in an additional online teaching environment in the coming semester. Instructors (and staff!) have only had a couple of weeks to prepare to use this environment for the spring semester. Plenty to occupy the mind there. 

I had a reminder set to look for a new book by Emily Nagoski. She wrote Come As You Are:  The Surprising New Science of Women's Sexual Wellbeing. It gives a new angle on women's sexual desire and satisfaction, highly recommended by one of my friends. I see that the new book is checked out in all of its versions from my library and there are multiple holds on it. The title is Burnout: The Secret to Unlocking the Stress Cycle. She's got good timing, this author.

I am breathing easier and noticing my shoulders floating at a more neutral level now that the new administration has begun. I had fears of bad events on the day. I was busy not counting chickens until the hatching had been achieved. Apparently the planners agreed and that explains the military presence and lack of crowd. I will accept that price. I recommend Gaga's anthem and the poem. I still haven't watched Joe's swearing in, I'll do that soon.    

Important Metafilter list of people's favorite podcast eps. I loooooved the ones about the 'accidental' gay parents. I hope they are not suffering from internet fame at the moment and have a long creative lives.  

Daughter number 1 is toiling in her dorm room. She has mostly online classes, just a couple of socially distanced IRL study type gatherings. I hope it is a good adventure for her. She is making her way. 

Daughter number 2 finished her first semester finals earlier this week. I nagged and she worked over the winter break. I haven't checked to see if any of this has pulled her Calc and Physx grades up yet. That would be nice. We talked to her about being evaluated for ADHD in December and that is the plan. Haven't got an answer from the doctor's office yet. I think L will grow out of a lot of stuff over the next four or five years. But in the meantime we want to be sure she's got all the tools she needs to make her life. 


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