Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Music and Health


I'm working my way through Mr. Dreyer's list of fave Billie Holiday songs.

I'll Look Around is new to me and I love it. From The Lady Sings album. Her vocals with the muted trumpet, brushes and the stately piano runs in the background - mm mm mm!


Vax status still seems like the most important thing to talk about. Hopefully that will get much more boring soon. I'm taking my youngest to the county vax event at the fairgrounds today. Hoorah! And a second hoorah! is that my oldest is getting the J&J shot today in Evanston. Such a sense of progress and possibilities opening up. We can visit my mom! We can stop worrying about killing any other human beans by breathing on them! Singing with others!


I'm starting to contemplate what going back to work on campus will look like. I am raring to go one minute and then reluctant the next. Mostly I want to go back. I want a wider circle of humans to interact with. And separation between work and home! And new sights and sounds. I'll have to expand my mask wardrobe. I think two a day might help my skin condition. 


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