Friday, May 7, 2021

Peering out

Coming late to the party here, but wow - Miriam Makeba! 

Here's Khosa Wedding Song/Qongqothwane

And Khawuleza (hurry, don't let them get you). 

I celebrated my two weeks post-vaccine this past Tuesday. Happy dance! I have stopped bringing a mask when I go jogging. I feel vastly relieved that I probably won't breathe on anyone and kill them or die myself. I will still wear a mask in mixed company/large gatherings. Counting down another ten days for our youngest to her two week mark and then the four of us are done! Very grateful. What a comfort it would have been a year ago to know we would get to this point.  

I am still trying to get a trip set up to see my mom in Albuquerque. Involving my spouse and children has made it very complicated. The college student especially is throwing more variables into the problem - spring semester ends 6/12, summer semester starts 6/21 and what happens to a dorm dweller in between? But I think I have figured out Plan A and Plan B and something will work. Flights are selling out. It'll be interesting to see when the airlines start to add more flights back (if they do). I even looked at taking the train one way between ABQ and Lawrence KS. It's 16+ hours which makes my spouse groan in sympathy but it's cheap and at least there is a train. After I have the experience I may not ever want to do it again but I think I'm up for once. 

I have discovered I like black licorice if it's the soft 'natural' stuff (Panda, et al). I was pretty sure I wasn't putting away enough to worry about the health warning. But I looked it up for the thrill anyway. licorice root contains glycyrrhizic acid and how about that for a Scrabble word? It can interfere with how the body processes potassium and electrolytes which can mess up your blood pressure if you only eat black licorice and very little else. 


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