Friday, September 16, 2022


A new what?

I acknowledge some ghoulish interest in an exhumed corpse tried in court, but this is the bit of the wikip article on the Cadaver Synod that really got my attention: 
 Between 872 and 965, two dozen popes were appointed, and between 896 and 904 there was a new pope every year.

That must have been quite a time to be a Roman. And starting about thirty miles outside of that busy city I'd bet that those papal names remained a mystery to most of the rest of Christendom. 

Playing one against the other

I've started both Death In Her Hands and Women Talking. The first is to discuss en book group the first Wed of October. The second one I checked out but never cracked last year. It concerns a lot of I'm trying to read a chapter of one and then of the other. But now I'm making more progress in Death than I expected, it seems to be a brisk one for me. And I've misplaced Women (car? closet? it can't be far). So I'll try to keep some momentum to finish both. 

Edited 10.17.22 to add: Women Talking recounts some horrible, true violence against women and children. And I couldn't get very far this time. I won't be watching the film either. I'll have to content myself with the rest of her books. 

Death... was a surprisingly quick read. Discussing soon with bookies I hope.  

Start with beauty

I keep thinking about a Mole blog post that covers more philosophical ground than I usually have the patience for. I do like the idea of centering meaning on beauty. What could that bring? Making human interactions more beautiful sounds like a perfectly good mission.  



I had two overripe bananas and wanted something chocolatey so tried out this recipe. Homerun! I left out the half cup of water (why?) and frosted with the Hershey's frosting recipe. Delicious. Since it's made with vegetable oil it is moist and keeps well.  

Debriefing myself

Had a job interview online earlier this week. I got to speak with four people. The last person was the supervisor for the position I applied for and I liked her the least. Ha! It was good to learn more about the organization. I'm not sure I'm what they're looking for or vice versa. Very good to get that first-interview-in-a-long-time over with. I tend to feel like I've failed if I don't sense I am everything interviewers hoped for. But I realize that's not a failure, it's feedback and I get to have my own reactions as well.  

I just got my updated bivalent (fancy!) Covid booster shot yesterday. I feel all right at work today, maybe little sorry for myself. When that resolves I'll be reading more job ads.   

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