Friday, October 7, 2022


 Is the sound of fall coming in. Since we came back from Albuquerque on 9/26 it's been cool and sunny and lovely fallish weather in Lawrence. Too dry since the whole region is in a drought but the sky is blue and the temps are delightful for this mammal. I went along with Nod to a car show last weekend to keep him company while he enjoyed the visual excitement that brightly colored vintage cars bring him. It was such a laid back day with bright sun and slightly cool air. I don't care much about cars but enjoyed being out with the strolling public. There were rockabilly bands and dogs and kids and college football fans (game later that day) and everyone seemed to share the happy, mellow mood.      

Today we have a cold front from the north and it'll be in the high 50s which is startling. But it gets warmer over the next couple of days and is back to high 70s in a few. 

My electric mower's battery has stopped charging. I noticed the charge was getting shorter but didn't pay much attention. Then after cutting just the hellstrip in front, it stopped. I plugged it in and red-green blinking means Defective. I've loved this big toy mower. But the battery ceased to function pretty much right after the 3 year warranty so they know exactly how this works (or doesn't). I am still considering whether a replacement battery (almost half the original price of the entire mower) is gonna happen. I grumpily suppose so since I don't want to hire a service and I don't want to buy another mower. 

Cut my hair and I'm layered with bangs once again. I decided I'd tried the one length long enough and it was never going to be out of my face without clips. I like how much the curl does and that I still have some length.

 I've done some applying and am looking for the next good posting. I feel unsettled and a little resentful at this type of choring. Picture still needed for linkydinkedin. I want to sulk and read books and watch tv. But I'll feel guilty if I only do that. I'm trying to appease both wolves by doing a certain number of applications per week and then having time off after that. 

Nod got a new to him used work truck and we picked it up yesterday. I'm relieved that the old one is on its way out. He'd broken down a few too many times for my comfort over the last year. It didn't seem to bother him much.  

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