Tuesday, January 3, 2023

More to Share, More to Come

Moving on, moving forward. Close those old cabinet doors and let's try something new. 

Such fun songs here: Sheroes Radio Best of 2022

More online radio stations recommended by the m'filter stalwarts. 

Lovely model smoking and observing the painter archly

A cornucopia of winter paintings shared by artists.   

An ice skating scene from a January 1820 calendar image. 

Snowflakes falling on umbrellas

A goddess of door hinges, I'm glad to make her acquaintance. "Cardea, whose name means “door pivot,” was the Roman goddess of door hinges and handles who prevented evil spirits from crossing thresholds. She was worshipped as the protector of children, particularly from vampires and witches. As a goddess of health, her emblem was the hawthorn tree, thought to have magical powers of protection. Cardea’s association with doors also links her to craftworkers as their benefactor. Celebrated in the month of June, she was a goddess of the changing seasons."

"St. Augustine mocks the apparent triviality of these 'little gods'...Forculus, from fores, doors...  Limentinus, threshold" and Cardea, door pivots. 

More soup recipes here. I want to eat this one: Chicken Soup with Ginger and Shiitake. Someone recommended adding scallions and daikon radish cubes.

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