Monday, May 8, 2023


As in alighting, landing on the ground. We've slept in the new house for two nights. I'm starting to get used to its sounds. The drip watering system came on this morning. We'll put the trash and recycle bins out tonight. We will become accustomed in time.

Unpacking is happening. Major progress was made by hired movers to get everything out of the container. Now we just have to open every box and decide what goes where. 

Freddie cat is calming down some. He's decided the high kitchen cabinets which have no doors (used as art niches by former owners) are his favorite retreat. It's not very hygenic having him jumping on the kitchen counter to get up and down. We may put the cabinet doors back on to foil him in future. I wondered why his white feet were so gray and then saw him in the fireplace ashes. I've closed that off. We need to get a real firescreen and pokers. 

Our college kids will be here next weekend. That is a pleasant spur to getting things arranged. One car should be done at the body shop tomorrow, Tuesday. There will be one futon couch to pick up on Wed evening. And one bed frame to be delivered on Thurs. On Friday we'll drive to the other NM college town to move daughter L out of the dorm. I have to say, things keep falling into place right along for us, even with some bumps. 


I'm having trouble remembering my age. Maybe because I can't say I'm excited about any of these 50s. I'll try some mnemonics, it's embarrassing not to know immediately. 56 is coming right up. 


4 seasons, still life paintings by Matthijs Röling in the 1970s. 

Lente / Spring:

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