Thursday, April 27, 2023

A Toehold

 Drove into ABQ yesterday evening. We are installed in a rental for a week until we get the housekeys next Wednesday. We won't have furniture for a couple of additional days. And I think we solve that by putting the cat in charge of the empty new place while we camp at my mom's for a couple of nights. 

It was a long draining day yesterday but by damn we did it. 

Our furry Tiny Idiot son would not eat his wet food with the tranquilizers in it. So my flannel sheet method of catching and bundling him into the carrier has gotten better with practice. He's smart enough to know that the food tastes funny and refuse to eat it. Which makes the whole process worse for everyone. But it was fun watching him explore the hotel room. He's mostly not holding a grudge. We hope he won't scratch anything in the rental. Last night he brought down the fireplace screen and metal tools. That was quite a wake up. Chaos goblin.

My sinuses have felt like they were flexing inside my face today. I think it's the dryness plus the pollen. Perhaps my immune system is working with its faint memory of NM pollen. Just weirdness so far, no drainage or stuffedness. 

There are tiny red and ink poppies in bloom in lots of yard where we are staying. I know poppies only stay in flower for a few days so I feel blessed by our timing. 


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