Friday, September 8, 2023

little free gallery, half lotus bunting, burying the lede

My friend took me to the Little Free Art Gallery . We had been to an Irish pub on Central and had a great time. I want to go back when it's cold and enjoy the fireplace and dark wood vibe. The Jameson's went down very easy. At the lil gallery I took home a drawing that is now on our fridge. I am charmed by the whole concept. It's inspired me to crochet some mini buntings and donate them. 

Here's the original beautiful pattern at Ravelry. I like to alternate some smooth topped half lotuses with the pointy ones in the pattern. 

crocheted bunting in white yarn on pink background

It's been a while and crocheting has been very satisfying. I have two weights of crochet thread/yarn. The finest one works well for what I had in mind. Since I inherited the family tatting needles I even tried crocheting some sewing thread. It worked but it was absolutely at the edge of my ability to see effectively. I need things just a little larger. Here's the smallest hook I have, it must be from early 20th c. a steel Boye 10:

crochet hook next to a dime

I am going to have a 'precancerous' lump removed next week. So far it appears to be a pretty good scenario - caught early, no sign of spread. I will be happy if I can just get that wad-of-chewing-gum-sized bit removed and not have to do much more medical intervention. I figure this is the best time in history to have any form of breast cancer found.  

See Ursula's saga for a description of cancer care for a patient who is also a horror author and keenly interested in all the gross details. Cancer Bob Part I. Here's Part IV which has links to I, II and III at the top. Ongoing as of early September 2023. Hers was found further along and thus the chemo. I am sending her all the good recovery wishes, like the rest of her legion of fans. 

August ran over me with many visitors and the beginning of the academic year at work. Add some extra medical appointments and it was a lot. But I got to host and spend time with my bestest childhood friend! and my kids! And the heat got less terrible than July. Now that we've started September I can tell the days are shortening and the nights getting cooler. Sometimes the swamp cooler actually turns off because it reaches the target temp - never happened in July. 

I welcome the autumn and look forward to seeing the aspens turn color above Santa Fe soon. I'm lucky to be here! I'm lucky to be alive! (mangled quote from Swimming to Cambodia). 

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