Tuesday, October 3, 2023


Autumn has brought the cooler air and shorter days. Here are some extremely sweet desserts to make if I decide to buy some maple syrup: 




My physical being is doing okay. General anesthetic is no joke and I am still making progress at getting my full energy/stamina back three weeks after. I meet with a couple of oncologists this month to determine whether ongoing treatment is recommended and if so what. 

The hot air color fest starts on Saturday and it'll be interesting to see how it hits as a citizen. We may have a couple of out of towners for the unique balloons + annular eclipse on 10/14. Which reminds me that we need to make a plan with our Texan folks for the April '24 total eclipse. My Welsh brother- and sister-in-law will be in Austin for that. 

Singing with the chorus and it's mostly good. I have accepted that joining is a process and getting to know people is another process. Sectionals start this week and that'll give me a smaller group to get names in my memory. 

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