Friday, December 22, 2023

Gentle darkness

I could certainly use some slow time. Getting up for the last work day was hard this morning. I'm grateful that I have more than a week off. 

K and L got craft supplies and we celebrated the solstice by playing with colors and paper and candles. Very sweet. When I went to bed I could hear my kids laughing at Taskmaster. 

My radiation treatments are over and I can tell the tenderness is receding. Nod is over Covid but it kicked his ass and will be a gradual process. Glad to be here - it could be worse! 

MIL is arriving after xmas, just in time to help celebrate my mom's birthday. Mom has offered to put her up which is very nice. I made a reservation at mom's favorite downtown restaurant for all of us. It's a work day for Nod so who knows if he'll join. L leaves 12/29, K on the 30th and E on the 31st. Then I get a couple days of holiday to myself.    

Get twinkling and have a sweet end to the year.

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