Friday, January 12, 2024


Wow, I really got into the holiday glow there, didn't I? January has arrived and is stomping around with big heavy boots to disrupt that mood.

I had my first colonoscopy earlier this week. I know everyone hates the prep and I also had a terrible time. The anticipation was the worst. I had anxiety and dread as I got close to poisoning-myself-day. Once the process was underway it was only unpleasant. Being on the gurney finally was a relief. Nothing was removed, the comment was that there were some pockets and I should eat more fiber. This is concerning because I eat so much raw fruit. I'll try to remember to ask my doctor about that. Ten years time to forget about this before the next one. 

I took two days off work for it and if I had to do it again I would take three. The next day back at work was long and trying. After that I have felt okay. 

Yesterday I finally did a fundraising thing for the chorus that I was dreading for a month. I didn't get the donation I asked for, but I got some more information and purchased the gift certificate for the auction gift basket. In my opinion this is a very old fashioned way to try to fundraise. Not sure if I'm willing to get on the board to try to help steer the ship.     

Our concerts are a week away. Lots of the singers will be masked because it unfortunately continues to be a risky behavior to be singing inside in winter. Sigh. I am leaning toward singing without a mask because what else do I have to spend my risk on? I'll decide on the day. 

I like this group of folks. I enjoy learning the music. I don't much care for the fundraising. The evaluation period continues. 

Our oldest daughter is in Ecuador for study abroad until late March. Her timing was not good as the new president's government is being challenged by the drug cartels. We've gotten a tersely reassuring message from the study abroad group. We've gotten texts from her saying that the unrest is in another part of the country and that her host family is unperturbed. Nod read the State Department's Travel Advisory and told her to be ready to leave in a hurry if necessary. I selfishly hope she can stay for these nine and a half weeks. And hope that Ecuador can keep moving in the most peaceful and democratic direction.   


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