Thursday, February 27, 2020

Words, music, travel, and vampires

I follow writer/librarian Kristen Arnett on twitter and she's a lovely ball of Florida / lesbian / 7 Eleven / book energy. She recently asked for poems to read and I found two in the thread that really hit me. One by Ross Gay: A Small Needful Fact . An interview with Gay was featured as the opening piece in the recent This American Life - Show of Delights which I loved from start to finish. I am not sure why Bim Adewunmi is not a household name already. Her wit, speaking voice and the Thirst Aid Kit podcast - don't miss her. Back to poetry, Maggie Smith: Threshold - I, like all cats want to be half in the door and half out. (Btw Maggie Smith is not Stevie Smith as I had initially assumed, whoops.) 

I don't remember ever hearing about Teddy Powell and his Orchestra. The music has been lifting my outlook this morning. Per the wikip article the band played from 1938 through the 40s.

I thought I'd skim this Kottke piece on his travel to Vietnam, Singapore and Qatar but got sucked in and read the whole thing at once. Solo travel to far flung locations doesn't interest me but I really enjoyed the vicarious exploration. A street food tour sounds like a good introduction to a city but I think I would find it overwhelming. I like to have more control over what I eat and when. I don't want to eat myself sick, or eat when I'm not hungry or...

The What We Do In the Shadows series has snuck up on me and I am totally hooked as of the end of the first season. The second one starts in April which is only a smidge over a month away so my timing is not terrible. It's deadpan with a bit of a slow warm up over the episodes although each one made me laugh at something. Core cast is great - four housemate vamps (Matt Berry, Natasia Demetriou, Kayvan Novak and Mark Proksch)  and a human familiar (Harvey Guillen). The vampires are gorgeously pompous, vain and a bit out of step. The season ending cliffhanger is spicy. 

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