Monday, March 9, 2020


They weren't kidding about Interesting Times
I can't imagine what things will be like locally in ninety days. I am very curious and this is a note to myself to update on June 8.

A friend who started working at a grocery store says that there are people buying large amounts of staples like gtr.ade and wipes. But I haven't heard of shortages except for hand sanitizer. Going shopping tonight and we'll see what things are like at my somewhat grubby neighborhood store. 

Spring Break week here for the univ and school district. Lots of emergency plans in development but not implemented for now. Large flocks of question marks are circling like pigeons in the early evening.

I shared this explainer about flattening the curve with my spouse and it seems like a compelling reason to take precautions, avoid big gatherings, etc. even though only a few cases in Kansas are just now starting to be reported. Avoid exhausting all medical resources, keep infection rates spread out over a longer time to make it possible to respond.

Reading helps
Remote book group went well. We recommend The Underground Girls of Kabul by Nordberg. We give it 4.5 out of 5 stars. I give all 5 to The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks by Skloot. Going with fiction next time - Housekeeping by Robinson. My choice as it was recommended randomly in a tweet this week and I see an old college friend of mine raves about it on gr too. I'm worried it may be heavy on the white lady concerns with some xtianity but am looking forward to the language. 


Zhoen said...

Our surgical masks for the OR have been stolen, and what we have is now locked down. Irrational panic. Our masks are not meant for viruses.

Nimble said...

What a waste. I am an irrational mammal and know that I don't hand wash very well and am a big basket of germs. But I do know that masks won't help me not catch this virus.