Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Rate of change

Is a-bounding along. I'm not adjusted, I don't think it's possible. I hear that the French sobered up quickly after being mostly unconcerned through last weekend. No schadenfreude, there's plenty of sobering left for my compatriots to do.

We may be required to work from home starting tomorrow. I'm reluctant because:

  • I'd prefer to keep my daily routine 
  • I like leaving my house
  • I have my tech set the way I like it at my office

I guess I'll start moving stuff home. Snacks, plant, tech equipment. My disinclination for change isn't any more special then anyone else's at this moment.

Everyone in the family is well. The four of us plus our brothers and their families and our mothers all in different locations. I don't know anyone who's suffering from the virus.

I am wondering what will come back. The disruption will go farther than a few weeks delay on events. I think it's unlikely the kids will go back to school this semester. Maybe in the fall. Local school system is distributing sack breakfasts and lunches "while supplies last". Infinite bless and speed them.

What have I seen the last of? I walked the dog around a park last weekend and noticed that I've outlived another swing set at the playground. I worry that the ones tall and sturdy enough for an adult to use are being phased out entirely. I can think of several that have gone away since I've moved to this town.

Last week I was feeling emotional about individual acts of generosity: Yo Yo Ma's cello pieces shared on twitter, the instructors I've been communicating with who are being kind and asking so politely for our help. I'm starting to have flashes of fear now. Fear of the unknown and fear for my family.

Here's a photo shared by Samantha Biobabbler @biobabbler on twitter:

 I gather she's somewhere up near Yosemite. Worth enlarging to see the crescent moon in the sky. I asked about the little outhouse - it's actually a well house.

HAHA we were asked to work from home unless absolutely necessary the next day. I'm at the home office with my two monitors my computer and dock and office chair. It's weird and I don't like it yet but it's working.

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Zhoen said...

I'm checking out working from home, not my usual job, but to help out screening patients. When this is over, we will be working our way through the backlog for a very long time. Dylan has gone in to the library, not open to the public, to do his online work and training.

We stand on the edge of the cliff, trying not to think of the whole cliff collapsing.