Thursday, April 9, 2020

Generosity of Others

Other bloggers are giving of their time and talents while I faff about. Here are a couple of foodies:

See Erica's excellent recipe for Triple Shot Espresso (not really a recipe, nor shots, nor espresso)

Belly up to Catherine Newman's post that has info on games and taking care of college students and a recipe for curried chickpeas.

We're well and stressed in spots and wondering about when we can get out of this phase. April 25 is the predicted local peak. But I think distancing is helping here and elsewhere. So maybe that makes it later and lesser. Let's hope. Although later til when?

Work is weird and was busy and then not and then picked up again. Our management structure is changing which is a bland way to say that one manager is out and one has had the number of teams they oversee reduced. My team thinks we're needed but don't want to be flung too far out of our accustomed rounds.

Our japanese maple in the back has its new red leaves out and I am determined to prune back all the shrubby stuff that is crowding it. I have visions of laying a blanket down underneath it next fall and watching the sky through the red leaves.

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Zhoen said...

It's ok. We wait until it's our turn to act. I'm not doing much myself, because my skill set is not needed right now. My manager is going nuts doing 50-60 hour weeks and fielding calls all the time. Some us will be on mop up duty, or rebuilding. We rest while they work.

I've had lots of practice. During a trauma, the scrub's job is to guard the sterile field as the patient is put under. No matter what is happening in the room, I was taught to just stand there, let other people do their jobs. It was so hard to suppress the urge to act, when it was my job to wait.

It's our turn to wait and guard.