Monday, November 2, 2020


Evening before Halloween and the moon was 99.6% full. I decided that was plenty and got a kid and a spouse and went to watch it rise. We love the east-facing aluminum bleachers at the nearby middle school track/football field for sky watching. The moon was beautiful and pink and a little squashed looking as it came above the horizon. I felt so lucky to watch it rise through the twilight shaded sky with birds flying across. After the early snow on Monday the mild temp felt like a sweet gift. As it rose the moon became cream colored and perfectly round. 

I'm enjoying the last season of Schitt's Creek. I am doling out Great British Baking episodes too, I'm a week or two behind in the current season. I've finished The Bone People which was a wonderful mental vacation to New Zealand. About to jump into Jack now. 


I'd like to see a fantasy version of the day before election day 2020. We see a succession of socially distanced, anxious people reading on their phones and weeping or cussing. Then Morpheus appears at the side of each one, they don't perceive him. He slowly waves a hand down in front of their eyes and they go instantly to sleep. He catches each one before they can fall and lays them in bed. Every stressed out, good-hearted person gets 10 hours of deep, restorative sleep.

I would enjoy watching that sequence. Infinite knows I would like to be able to gift wrap a box of sleep and give it to the deserving. 

After dropping off my absentee ballot I seem to have gotten off the anxiety treadmill. I am not feeling the dread and soul sickness. I still worry. My state probably won't elect the Dem senator that I want. But I feel this country making horking sounds as we prepare to vomit up this administration. Probably I'm just not capable of paying attention in that way any more. I've worn out the worry nerves and have to do something else now. 

May the folks of good will receive support and inspiration. I am too wary to write about what I really really want so I'll leave it there. 

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