Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Gah and Gah Again

71 days until January 20 is too many in my opinion. I suppose time will continue to pass for the just and the unjust alike. Last night I got really angry again reading about terrible people doing terrible things. I was sad to feel that outraged powerlessness returning. 


Two tasty snacks from the UK found in today's Metafilter:

New word to me: gyratory in this post on the London neighborhood/ward Aldgate. (Diamond Geezer is a very pleasing handle. I'm adding this blog to my list.) From the photo placement in the article I wondered if it meant the public water pump, but no. It means roundabout and may indicate something else (higher number of lanes than just a regular roundabout?) but I haven't figured that out yet. The G is soft.  

Here's Medlife Crisis ranking all the human organs. According to him you could donate up to 70% of your liver and it would then regenerate. Not serious and yet informative!


Am reading Jack by Robinson. I'm so glad they got out of the cemetery. If the entire book had been their conversation as they kept each other company through the night in the cemetery it would have bugged me a lot. I've been taking notes and I'm gathering that (duh) reading the other books in this series would give me more context to go on. Generational relationships and names and so on. So far I like Aunt Delia and Lorraine a lot for trying to protect Della. MR is really good at describing social give and take that starts with conventional exchanges and accidentally becomes more intimate. 

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