Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Frozen rocks

And now the midwest is going through a cold snap with temps firmly below freezing. Locally we'll have lows below zero starting tomorrow night. 

Killing desire

As the Mole says, it's not an argument, just a hypothetical. What if this is it. Can you be grateful for this breath? Can you notice what is happening to your organic self at this instant? 

I'm trying to wrap my understanding around the world where we find ourselves. It's a dystopia but the mix and match features are confusing. Climate Emergency. Ongoing Viral Pandemic Threat. Overpowered Corporations and the Wealthy. I have hope but it comes and goes. 

Bad book picking    

I picked The 7½ Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle by Turton for my book club tonight. I have big regrets. It is sort of an escape room of a book. But that sounds more entertaining than I found it. From the outset it seems to be set in an English country house back in the 1930s? 1910s? But the details are foggy and there's no good way to determine the era except as pre WWII. Anachronistic carriages - ? Servants. Daughter sent to finishing school and then married off against her will for money. Front page with character list absolutely essential because the author didn't provide any distinction for any character's voice. Ack ack ack. Godamighty this was a terrible thing. Read something better written, I beg you. Read Life After Life by Atkinson for a better caught-in-time take or Wodehouse for the 'tween the wars British country house mileu. Or Dorothy L. Sayers whose Gaudy Night and Busman's Honeymoon I am planning to through myself into to wash this off. 

I hope the complaining tonight is operatic and entertaining.


The cold calls for soup but I am lacking inspiration. I need to go through my recipe box and see what I can settle on. 

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