Monday, April 10, 2023

Missing objects, Objects in motion

In the wind

I cannot find the charger for my toothbrush. I used it right before we went to ABQ March 24 and now I don't see it in the drawer it goes in. Maybe I was distracted packing before we left and put it somewhere creative? Maybe it dropped into the trash and got binned?

I cannot find my favorite prescription sunglasses. Maybe I left them in the car that we left at my mom's in ABQ? Glad I came across the second pair. 

To make three: Katy asked if we found a disposable camera after she was here over new year's. I think I may have seen it while she was here but it never turned up after.

I expect this will be a common occurrence as we try to get remaining objects packed and ready to move in two weeks and one day. It's easy for me to tape up a box and immediately forget everything that's inside. I had a little freak out yesterday about how few days we have to go. 

Where we are

Selling a house - we accepted an offer and are arranging to fix a few things they asked for. There will be a final walk through on 4/24. Closing on 4/26. 

Buying a house - our offer was accepted. We are going to walk through with the inspectors this Friday. That will be our first time in the house, we've seen pictures and our realtor visited and shared her live phone video with us. Closing 5/03. The paperchase is significant. E-signing all these documents online makes it feel unreal.  

Moving our stuff - we have a container coming a week from tomorrow. I need to get movers arranged on both ends to put furniture in and take it out.      

Moving ourselves - two adults, one cat and two vehicles will set out on April 25. We'll spend the night on the road and should arrive the 26th. We need to reserve a place for 4/27-5/03, Nod likes the beanbs. 

Significant remains

So many things to attend to that my prioritizer is stuttering. I will keep making lists and trying to do things, I think that's the minimum required. I felt stymied yesterday: not sure of any other virtual documents to wrangle, not sure what I should be packing, not able to enjoy doing nothing. I will do more packing this week. Gah!  


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Nimble said...

Found the first two! Sunglasses were under the passenger seat, Nod found the charger under his side of the bed (must have been kicked).