Wednesday, September 15, 2021


I want to walk above the white cliffs in summer. Photos and description of the long walk at this Diamond Geezer post. From that post:

Jogging has happened over the past month. It's not as often as I aimed for but I am tracking my dates so I can see the pattern. I'm doing a few minutes of jogging, a couple minutes of walking and repeat for 30 minutes or so. At the end of this week I get to lengthen the jog sections again. I'm aiming to get to a 25 minute jog with warm up/down walking on either end. I did not feel like going yesterday evening but I really wanted to have gone and there was only one way to get there. Current temps are not as cool as I'd like but firmly in the temperate range so now is my time. When I go at sundown there are usually starling murmurations with groups that join and separate over the wetlands. Currently there are tall sunflowers by the path. I often think I should have a bag to pick up trash but it's a different goal. 

I have lost most of my interest in mowing the grass. I only got the front mowed a week ago, never got to the back. Maybe I can get them both done this coming weekend. Big black butterflies have been visiting the marigolds in the front. And I saw stripey caterpillars munching on the rue yesterday. <fist pump> I have milk weed pods from Nod's cousin in Missouri. I guess I'll freeze them over the winter and plant the seeds out next spring. Nod harvested the big daddy orange tomato and it is in the center of our kitchen counter, beaming, right now. He announced that he's going to move that planter box north on our lawn by a foot or two before next growing season. To get more sun. His cherry toms have been big winners this year.  

I see rain in the future forecast for Oregon and I hope the rainy season is begun for that part of the world. Both for myself - my trip in October to central Washington state - and for the general relief in that area. That's enough fire for now. There, there.  

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